Maplewood Farmer’s Market

This is the farmer’s market in my ‘hood. I don’t live in Maplewood but I live right beside it. I like that it is after work on Wednesdays, and it gives me something to look foward to on hump day. It is in the Schlafly Bottleworks parking lot, which is a restaurant I love. Well, I used to go to The Tap Room downtown a lot before they opened this one when I lived in STL the first time. They have different menus at each and both are good. Don’t worry, there will be a post soon on sticky toffee pudding, my absolute favourite dessert. They have ita at both locations.

Anyway, the  Maplewood Farmer’s Market has really grown. When I first went a year or two ago it was very small, but now it has 2 aisles. Why I stopped going awhile back was because there was a large lack of produce. As a vegetarian, I kind of go to markets for you know, vegetables. And fruit. It is still lacking a bit on fruit but I noticed at least yesterday there was a peach farm representing. I can inhale fruit by the truckload if not monitored, so cheap local fruit is always top on my list. Their veggie farmers have increased a lot, which is why it is now two full rows instead of one. I’m very happy and they offer a good selection.

This is a very busy market though so some of your favourite vendors might sell out quickly. Also, parking is a bit of a pain, but I tend to find a spot pretty easily. I could of course take my bike but I’d need a sidecar like this guy:

Ah, he cleaned it up from last season and gave it a lick of paint! The husband is big into bikes and we both love this Russian one. The sidecar just makes it. Nevermind the Harley in the back, that was just in the way of my photo 😉

So stop by on a Wednesday. Find a parking spot and grab some goods. Check out the restaurant and the patio while you are there if you haven’t been. They have food for meat eaters, vegetarians, vegans and even gluten free stuff. I’ll do a food review later, but for now, I have some cherry tomatoes and basil calling my name!

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