Lunches have been starting with the word: Salad

I’m the first to admit I’m writing this post to test a few WP features. So it is boring, and about… salad.

The weather is hot in STL and eating is a chore. Actually, making lunch is a chore, eating is pretty easy. I go home for lunch most days because I work so close to the office. Yes, I know I am blessed 😉 Lately I haven’t been wanting to cook or eat much so I start off with a basic salad.

I have to admit, I generally eat these basic salads out of Glad or Ziploc bowls, but I am out of clean 6 cup ones. You see, when you have a lid, you can shake it and get everything coated evenly in your dressing of choice. Yeah, I’m that lazy. What goes into my salads? Well, just about everything. This is a pretty plain salad of romaine. I do like herb blends and baby spinach a bit better but I was going with what is in my fridge. Tomatoes, a special one straight from Mindy’s garden. So very good. Then we have a bit of onion, cucumber and mushrooms. I’m on a button mushroom kick. I dressed it up with Bragg‘s Apple Cider Vinegar and hot chili oil.

Yes, I can be that boring. Usually. I’ll add a protein. I’m on a tofu kick lately, and I’ve been buying a ton of black soy beans. Chickpeas and or hummus are always welcome. The hummus acts as a dressing. So good.

I also want to point out that I buy organic produce whenever I can. I make exceptions for items if I don’t have an organic choice but most of the time I can work it out. Yes, I know it is expensive. Yes, I wash all my produce anyway, but I feel better mentally about organic. I live in the motherland of Monsanto so I don’t really trust much around here. I’ve been hitting up the farmer’s market weekly and trying new vendors. I’m pretty bad at growing things myself and I wish we had a convenient CSA delivery like I did in California. Getting my box delivered to work was amazing. Oh, and being able to customize it too. Oh, I miss it so much. I haven’t found a farm-to-door customizable affordable organic delivery service here in St. Louis. If you know of one, holler. It is stupid that there aren’t more around here. Aren’t they supposed to be growing our food in the middle of the country or something?

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