So Monday night our A/C went out. in STL that is a bad thing. The Husband was able to work from home that day and we got an afternoon appointment. I came home to a house that was a bit cooler. The past couple of days it has been one scorcher after another. The A/C has been running almost 24/7 and never getting down to what we have been setting it at.

Tonight I notice it is 89 in here with the A/C on. Broken. Put in a call to HSA and hopefully someone will call us early in the morning. I would like cold air to come out of the vents, as well as the A/C unit to be making happy purr noises. That would be swell.

We went out to dinner and did a few errands tonight so it wasn’t so bad. However, my brain is on overdrive and I can’t sleep. At least I have wordpress to entertain me. I’m trying to decide on how to handle my tags and categories. I know, very entertaining. I’m too restless to read and I don’t know if I can go hiking tomorrow. It is supposed to rain pretty much until 5pm. I’ll wake up in the morning and see what is actually happening. I hope it isn’t wet tomorrow.

My legs are still not fully healed from Sunday where I must have hit a patch of poison ivy or oak on the overgrown trail. It started with a few bumps and now it has spread to both legs. Not a huge reaction though, it reminds me of heat rash, which I do get once in awhile. It could possibly be a heat rash. However, it is where my capri pant legs ended and my above my shoes. The first few bumps were in my sock line. That’s what corizone cream is for though.

Well, I’m hearing thunder and seeing lightning. Oh, and a storm just blew in. Looks like we will have a wet evening. Not a bad thing if it actually cools things down! And look, I take some crappy pics!