Hey, welcome to my new home.

Hi and welcome! I decided that after many years and many different satellite blogs I decided to park down in one place. Killer Bunnies, Inc is sort of an inside joke in my world. You see, I love dark and spooky things, I’m addicted to the Civilization franchise since it came out, and bunnies.


So whenever someone asks what I want to do with my future self it has always been “Take over the world! With bunnies!”. World domination would be so easy with an army of killer bunnies. It’s perfect.

What to expect? Well, I bake a lot, that’s for sure. I try to lead a healthy lifestyle by exercising and eating well. I’m a vegetarian and have been since I was a kid, but I’m not about converting the masses. I have a ton of hobbies and love to knit. I’m sure you will learn all about me in future posts.

Links to my old blogs:
Knit it in Black, Please -my knitting blog
Xanthia, the Goddess of Hugs -my general and POTD blog
Your Average Blue Bunny -my baking blog

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I'm Shannon and I love to bake, hike, play video games and have fun. I currently live in the Bay Area with my husband and cat.

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