Farmer’s Market Finds: Cherry Tomatoes

I go into the kitchen and reach for things. I know, it is a bad habit. My worst is between 4-7pm or that time when I get home until dinner is ready. I get home around 5 and start cooking dinner. Then I start snacking on anything. It is bad.

These cherry tomatoes are on the counter and just sit there like little balls of wonderful fulfilling magic. I pop a few when I go into the kitchen and stay out of the chocolate or cereal or chips. It is crazy but it helps. You haven’t tasted a cherry tomato if you have been buying them from a store, even Whole Foods. These are full of sweet sugary nectar. So good. They are my new candy, and I’ll be sad when I can’t get them anymore. It is like my Wednesday crack. Yum.

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  1. i totally got those from that vendor and snacked on them on the way back to the car. The peaches i bought were lame but i’m excited to try some porchini powder i got.

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