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I’m not a true locavore, but I really love supporting local companies. A little while back and friend and I went to an event called Ecopalooza. Yeah, we are dorks. This was after the farmers market of course. It is nice to have a friend who gets giddy about stupid things like solar panels and organic stuff.

We got there way early and vendors were still setting up. It was kind of nice not to fight the crowds and people were willing to test their speil on us. We learned about solar panels, some organic skincare from England and then I was drawn to “oh shiny”!

Yeah, cleaning products. I’m a dork. I’m pretty much happy with my Seventh Generation cleaning products, but the guy said one thing… local.  Yes folks, Better Life is a St. Louis business. Having run a small business myself, how could I say no? I barely got by with competitors like Lush and The Body Shop, so when I see someone local trying to make their way I’m more than happy to test things out.

Better Life is a snappy company that doesn’t hide behind labels. What you see is what you get. The label doesn’t lie or have loopholes. And I dig the product names.

I picked up a starter pack, because who doesn’t love cleaning supplies. Hah! While I wanted everything, I settled on:

  • Even The Kitchen Sink, the powerhouse scrubber that promises to clean my tub
  • Oak-y Dokey, the wood polish
  • I Can See Clearly Wow, the glass/window cleaner
  • What-EVER, the multi-purpose, and I got the scented version for a change of pace.

The package also came with 3 different cloths and they seem cool. One even has scrubbies on the opposite side! You can toss them in the wash, which is awesome. As I’ve said before, I need to get off the paper stuff. I might need my hand forced. Hah.

So, what of the products? I went on a cleaning spree yesterday so lets chat. I bought these straight up, so I have no obligations to be nice.

Even The Kitchen Sink. I’m not loving it. In fact, it is just okay. I tried it on my stove and it was a fail. Bon Ami saved the day. I tried it on my enamel sink that gets stained from iced tea and coffee. Another fail. Magic Eraser did all the work that this scrub did not. It isn’t heavy duty enough for my uses. Honestly, I don’t let things get too bad in the kitchen so I was pretty disappointed. The rag with the scrubby side was pretty cool though. I already know this won’t work on my tub if it won’t work on my sink.

Oak-y Dokey. Smells wonderful! My husband hates “pledge” scent. I love it and find it comforting. This is lavendar cinnamon scented and it was a pleasure to clean with. Also, it worked really well. I have a lot of wooden antique furniture and it made things nice without a film. I’ll have to wait and see if it repels dust, but either way, this is a good product.

I Can See Clearly Wow. What-EVER did a pretty good job on my glass oven door and sink faucet so I didn’t even need to use this one in the kitchen at all. I used it on a few mirrors with the slick cloth and it was good and streak free. The cloth takes getting used to, the product is great. I’d get this again. I’m sure it works great on windows. If I ever cleaned my windows. I don’t think I’ll go through it quickly though, it is a big bottle.

What-EVER. I used this on almost every surface in my kitchen, and I only noticed the scent at the very beginning. My husband could smell it and liked it. I like it but at the beginning I felt like I had to use a bit more arm power to clean things like the toaster and blender. Once the normal cloth was saturated with cleaner I barely had to use any which was cool. It was great on the faucet, metal cabinets, counters, butcher block and appliances. I’d definitely buy this one again. It isn’t going to leave your kitchen smelling like the cleaner either which is cool. I feel it leaves a tad bit of residue, but it isn’t horrible like you have to wash it off.

I like this line, and would love to try the floor cleaner. Wish I had picked it up instead of the sink. However, I really like the cloths but they shrank a LOT in the wash. No big deal, but they are half size now by washing in cold water and tossing in the dryer. Weird, but they still work. Find out where to buy their products on their website.

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  1. i’ve had pretty good luck with the ‘even the kitchen sink’ on the stove & tub with the scrubby towel. but i recovered my enamel tub, so the new one is much easier to clean! i just used the what-ever in the kitchen too & loved it. you’re right, no cleaning product smell, which means no headache from smelly products. also found out local harvest has these in bulk & can refill the bottles.

    – your fellow dork who loves cleaning products & organic stuff 🙂

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