So, I had a baby blanket disaster for my last knitting project. Two months to knit. 40 minutes to shred. Yup. I pre-washed the blanket before I gave it as a gift and found out how sub-par my knots really were. I was being lazy and was knotting and not weaving in my ends at the beginning of the blanket. So, when the knots untied (first time for everything) there was no excess yarn to repair. I tried to darn the blanket but it didn’t turn out nice enough to give as a gift.

Did I learn my lesson? YES. Do I have quite a big ratio of friends with buns cooking? Yes. This time around I’m trying the Modern Baby Blanket from Mason Dixon Knitting. I’m using Vanna’s Choice yarn this go around, because it washes up well. It seems to be going slow, but I have to admit I don’t knit every day. In fact, I tend to knit once a week. This makes for slow projects!